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Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

Hi Guys,  Today something for my fellow men.  This post is especially for those having trouble in the bedroom.  I know embarrassing!  Right?  Not something many men will want to talk about.  But did you know Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance?   

I have personally heard a few things – about consuming the right kind of diet.  However,  in this department, I will look to explore this a bit more.

So, Erectile Dysfunction is caused by restricted blood flow in some cases.  I’ve written a couple of articles where this has come up in my research.  For example, L-Arginine is very good for this apparently (improving blood flow) because of its Nitrous Oxide content.  It is found in some of these Sexual Performance Supplements for this exact reason.    It is not the only thing though.

If you are a man looking for a solution – for more active libido, and virility.  Please keep reading.  I have a supplement to share but will also share some dietary tips too towards the end.

Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance - Confirmed?


Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

FTC Disclosure: 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  Some of the links that you might click on this post may lead to me earning a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.  I do not work for any of the companies within this post and what I write in this post is my full unbiased opinion based on my own extensive research.



Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

What Supplements Can Improve Your Sex Life?

A quick story to begin with;

For most folks, solid sexual execution is definitely not guaranteed.  A portion of the brothers I know go to physician-endorsed drugs to help improve their sex life.   Eg.  Viagra.

Except, I can’t resist the urge to scrutinize their methodology.  When they consume a poor diet, drink excessively, smoke, and stay up all night like there isn’t a Moon in the Sky.  It does make me laugh.  ?

I don’t really have anything against those blue pills, but seriously – what goes on in some people’s heads?  ?

They must work for some (I know).  They’re certainly popular enough.  Yet the more I investigated it, the more I understood it’s better to look for a day-by-day, long-haul supplement instead of a ‘get lucky once’  silver bullet.  

So, I would say, yes.  Well-being is everything.  Sexual health is no different.

Where I’m from, those professionally prescribed prescriptions cost more than $30 for one tablet at my neighborhood store.  Somebody, I know enlightened me regarding Cilexin and I realized I needed to give it a go. 

Cilexin is a male exhibition supplement that can be bought without the need for a prescription 

It must be bought through the internet, but I would guess this is something numerous men would rather have the option to do.  Definitely, for one this saves the embarrassment of walking into the chemists and hoping no one notices you. ?

As of now, Cilexin goes for $39.99USD for one container, a 30-day supply. This is about $0.66 per tablet, which is a pretty good deal if this is something your willing to try.   

If not then still keep reading for my dietary tips towards the end but either way, what’s inside is interesting.  

You might like to know about it.  I mentioned L-Arginine but this is just one of several ingredients I recommend.


Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

Advantages of Cilexin

Cilexin Male Enhancement and Performance Assists with Mood Enhancement and Erectile Function 60 Capsules 1 month supply

While you can’t always know what happens and how your partner feels, there are a couple of things you can do to further support your current situation in the bedroom;

  • Improving Your Mood – In case you’re feeling worn out, restless, irate, whatever – this can all affect your sex life.  Resolving this one problem can make a huge difference when it comes to feeling aroused.
  • Better Relationships – Your association with your partner is a higher priority than we all might think.  Not being on the same page as the person you love is a serious problem.  Honesty and trust can significantly go a long way to help.  Regardless of how much that your male ego might say otherwise.  The slightest of issues can disrupt everything, so figure out how to talk things through or possibly set them to the side for the evening.
  • Boost Excitement – Excitement is a mindset going above and beyond. Excitement implies expanded responsiveness to the faculties – both mental and physical. Contact, smell, sight, hearing, and thought are generally more amplified when you’re feeling sexually stimulated.
  • Healthier Body – It takes a very much sustained body to perform. Current eating regimens frequently don’t give ideal nutrients and minerals. Men’s wellbeing supplements like zinc (for example) are fundamental, and certain bioactive spices can uphold the body’s reaction.
  • Standard Exercise is additionally key to sexual execution. So try your best to stay in shape, and keep your blood circulation as healthy as possible.

For men like myself and others, Cilexin attempts to help by targeting each of the areas mentioned above;
Better Mood, More Excitement, Healthier Body, and Heightened Sexual Experience. 

In the next section, I will look to demonstrate the truth behind this idea.  To find out really what Cllexin is all about.

Setting the Mood ❤

setting the mood for better sex try cilexin

At the point when 2 people talk about preparing for sex, they frequently make statements like “getting in the disposition”. It’s frequently expected that men are always ‘up for it!’  However, this is basically a legend.

This notion is only a mix of confidence and being ‘cocksure’ (which means arrogant; play on words expected).  The truth is for most men mindset can strongly affect sexual performance.[i]

There are a few different ways to help your mindset that ought to be considered before supplementation. Indeed, enhancements can help give you certainty, however so can getting sufficient rest, eating the right food, and building stronger connections with your partner are all things that help.

When finding a way alternate ways to set the mindset, the Cilexin recipe can help give you the certainty to perform.  For myself, from my experience, I’ve tracked down that taking this supplement gives me that little something extra.  Since I realize I’m getting support from it, and it is generally safer than the usual stuff the doctor gives you.

I mean it certainty truly works for me, but your situation will be unique obviously.


More Sexual Excitement!  

So, let’s say you are feeling good ? you are all ready to have a good go ? You feel loose, prepared, and excited for a good time. The subsequent stage is feeling aroused. Arousal is a condition of sharpness, basically something contrary to rest.

Sexual excitement is feeling ready and delicate to the things that can make you happy ?

Notwithstanding what you may accept, excitement isn’t your body’s reaction to incitement.  Excitement is in reality more about how your psyche reacts to and deciphers incitement. That’s right, truth be told, excitement is (nearly) all in your mind, both deliberately and unknowingly.

Excitement is basically constrained by the reticular actuating framework (RAS) in the cerebrum. The entirety of your faculties come in through the RAS separated from fragrance – sight, contact, taste – which can all be a vital piece of sexual excitement.

Supports Sexual Wellbeing

supports sexual health

At any point need to be stirred however you simply don’t feel it? This can be quite disappointing yet it happens to all men sooner or later. Cilexin plans to help both the body and brain explicitly.

The Cilexin recipe incorporates some incredible elements for men’s sexual wellbeing, including not many that I read about in discussions. L-Arginine is a vital supplement for the body’s Nitric Oxide (NO) framework. NO is a key vein flagging atom, and the penis utilizes a sort of profoundly developed vein, the corpus cavernosum. 

Tongkat Ali has been utilized for quite a long time to help charisma. Ginseng can uphold vein wellbeing and is a wellspring of ‘ginsenosides’ that have been appeared to help essentialness and mood.[ii]

These are only just a couple of the ingredients found in Cilexin; how about we take a gander at them in more profundity.

Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance
– Cilexin Review 2021

The Cilexin Mix

Cilexin incorporates conventional natural concentrates that have been approved in current science.  This includes the fundamental mineral Zinc, as well as the essential amino acid L-Arginine.  Contrasted with different enhancements of all kinds, the Cilexin recipe is very exceptional for including the best of both the old and the new.

Key Elements are as follows;


This amino acid is a vital fixture in the Cilexin equation. Something numerous men know is unrestricted blood flow is so significant for sexual execution. L-Arginine is the antecedent to Nitric Oxide (NO), which thus upholds excitement by supporting muscle tone and vein work. 

L-arginine additionally has been found to help digestion through a similar NO pathway.[iii]

Nitric oxide is required for the muscles in the penis to unwind. When loose, the chambers in the penis can load up with blood, coming about in an erection.[iv]

>>Read more about my favorite L-Argine Supplement HERE<<

Maca Root

Maca is a conventional health plant that normally is found in the South American Andes mountain range. It has been related to helping libido in sound grown-up men.[v]


Tongkat Ali

In the event that you have searched for regular assistance for men’s libido, you have likely gone over Tongkat Ali previously. For quite a long time men have been utilizing this natural cure in Southeast Asia.

Present-day science is starting to move which men in Southeast Asia have known to be valid for quite a long time. A meta-study (a report on existing logical exploration) in 2017 found that there was ‘persuading proof’ for the utilization of Tongkat Ali to help male sexual health.[vi]

Another friend inspected paper from 2016 records proof for Tongkat Ali’s help for male conceptive wellbeing, alongside help for the invulnerable framework, quieting temperament, and solid chemical levels. ‘Quassinoids’ are among the most notable key mixtures in Tongkat Ali.[vii]


Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng (Asian Ginseng or Red Ginseng) is a plant that has been generally utilized in Asian conventional health rehearses. This plant should be developed for a very long time prior to being gathered, which means good quality Panax Ginseng orders at a precarious cost. 

This causes me to see the value in the 125mg Ginseng Eleutherococcus Mix in Cilexin considerably more!

The actual ginseng sort of resembles an individual, with a bulb for a head, and goes for arms and legs. It is consequently that conventional cultivators thought of it as a full-body natural. The bodywork we are keen on is vein health. Vein health is a critical piece of male sexual wellbeing. Ginseng is likewise found to help different spaces of male sexual health.[viii]


Restrictive Mix

The restrictive mix represents simply under portion of the Cilexin recipe. These elements incorporate concentrates of sarsaparilla root, pumpkin seed, Muira Puama bark, oat straw, astragalus root, licorice root, clam, stinging nettles, cayenne pepper, Catuaba bark, Tribulus Terrestris, Orchic substance, and Boron. 

We should look at a couple of these in a short while more profundity:

I perceived Tribulus Terrestris promptly; it is the vital fixing in my lifting weights supplement! There are grandiose cases on the web about this spice, yet the solitary strong exploration I could discover discussed supporting anaerobic (strength) performance[ix] and moxie in men.[x]

Muira Pauma bark is every now and again utilized in a mix with different elements for libido and sexual wellbeing. Examination for this bark is really restricted, yet intriguing.

With respect to different things in the restrictive mix, the jury is still out. Perhaps they support sexual execution, possibly they support general wellbeing, possibly they’re in there for another explanation. 

As I would like to think, they’re auxiliary to the next herbal and mineral elements in the Cilexin equation.

From investigating the fixings, I can perceive any reason why my companion was raving about Cilexin. I like that the fixings support both sexual wellbeing and temperament, as certain recipes center around the physical. 

Any man in my position realizes that incredible sexual presentation is about both the physical and the passionate.

Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

Serving Size and Alerts

Having good sex is about a whole lot more than simply an erection. Simply having an erection doesn’t really mean you’ll end up having the best sex.  It helps, of course, it does, but it’s definitely more essential to tackle this problem head-on.

One reason why Cilexin doesn’t offer ‘get hard fast erections’ is because of this.  All things considered, it offers a more complex solution that really gets to the bottom of your sexual health issues.

So, In case you’re searching for a ‘temporary fix erection pill‘ or something to grow a ‘bigger’ erect penis size, Cilexin doesn’t work like that.  Cilexin will supply the nutrition for ‘better sex, yet it is anything but a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

It’s not too far off from what it says on the container: “Cilexin isn’t proposed to forestall, fix, or treat any illness”.

Something else, in the event that you are searching for something to bolster your all-encompassing way to deal with spicing up your sex life, and need nourishing help for your sexual wellbeing and excitement, give Cilexin a try


Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

Scientific Resources

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Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

My Verdict

The company behind Cilexin is ‘Vitabalance’.  On this blog, I’ve covered a good selection of these products including Nootrogen Nootropics and ProJoint Plus.  The latter I bought a bottle of to try for my mother for her joint pain and her only complaint was she did not have more.  I would definitely recommend that product (ProJointPlus) and the company (Vitapost/Vitabalance).

As for Cilexin reading through the different reviews online, there is a good mix.  Some bad but mostly good.  I think the main thing people should be aware of though is if you are allergic to Shellfish (DO NOT TAKE).  In fact, you should consult with a GP as an extra precaution.  Although, I think if your willing to try something like Viagra then you should be willing to try this. 

The ingredients are proven to help remedy underlying health problems that can be responsible for ED.  This supplement will not work for everyone.  It depends on why you are having these troubles in the first place.  For instance, if you have a psychological problem then there isn’t really any safe solution that can help.

So, ask yourself before you buy this could better nutrition help improve your condition, and are there any other medications or allergies that you have that might make this unsafe.  

Herbal Supplements Increase Male Sexual Performance – Confirmed?

Other Options

So I mentioned above dietary tips that you can use instead of Cilexin.  You may struggle with sourcing the ingredients for this supplement but some suggestions that can at least help increase your blood flow;

Garlic, Onions, Beets, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Beets, Cayenne Pepper, and Turmeric.  Also, Celery, Pomegranate are some others.  I will discuss this in a future article – Foods That Help Improve Blood Flow.

You can also try foods rich in Arginine;  Meats, Dairy Products, Nuts, and Seeds.

A recipe guide made especially for this kind of thing (erectile dysfunction)  is ED Elixir.  That may be an option if you don’t trust Cilexin.   It’s a digital guide packed full of recipes specially designed for ED.

There are as well other products.  L-Arginine Plus I highly recommend all of its reviews I’ve seen have been good and there are loads of them.

Also if you are in the market for something else instead – Try Alphaviril by HFL and Dr. Sam Robbins ⏬


In Conclusion

I still think Cilexin is worth a try.  Especially if you are looking to buy viagra or any other kind of miracle sex drug.  Get this instead I say.  For the price, you may as well because at these prices you really can’t beat it;

Increase Male Sexual Performance with Herbal Supplements - Confirmed?
[USE COUPON CODE FIVE$45473465 for 5% OFF]


Also, as well as Cilexin if you would rather try something else Alphaviril is another Libido supplement that I trust.

See the links for that product above in the ‘Other Options’ section.



Finally,  if you found the information in this post helpful, please share it with others.  Anyone who can help I would really appreciate it.   Otherwise, if you have any questions as well or would like to share your own experience about anything in this post please leave us a comment below.

Many thanks and take great care of yourself.

Stay Dynamic x

Alex C


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  1. Hi! I’ve just gone through your article and I found it very helpful. I must agree with you that being inactive in the bedroom is truly embarrassing. I eat a healthy diet and I am fond of outdoor exercises but I have this problem. It started after finding out that I have type 2 diabetes.
    Can it be the cause of my low sexual performance? Please help, I will be looking forward to your answer. I wish to start using Cilexin if it will be suitable for me as I am on diabetes medication.
    Thank you for sharing this important post.

    • Hokantala,  So first of all thanks for commenting.  I’m glad you have found this article helpful.  To be honest with you I don’t see any ingredients that I think would really mess with your diabetes meds too much.  The only thing is if you are allergic to Seafood this uses Oyster extract.  My advice would be to jot down the ingredients and ask your doctor if there is anything inside this product that could be a problem with your medication.  Plus another option is Alphaviril (also reviewed here).  Maybe you could contact their email support.

  2. Thanks for your good article on Cilexin. The “Male Enhancement ” industry is a big one and  I’m sure many guys will try it, if for no other reason than to have a cheaper alternative to Viagra. 

    I have tried Viagra, more out of curiosity than any other reason, however it had some after affects for me. An annoying deep headache which deterred me from buying more. 

    I think the more natural the product the more likely people will stick it, so Cilexin looks like it fits the bill. 

    • Hi Michael,  Yes totally agree.  I think this is not only cheaper than viagra but probably safer as well.  As long as the consumer doesn’t have an allergy to seafood (shellfish etc.) I think really viagra is one of many Big Pharma-approved drugs that aren’t worth all the hype.  Cilexin on the other hand it isn’t the only male enhancement supplement out there but I think all around it’s a good price,  made in the USA and FDA/GMP approved.  Worth the money I think I dealt with the company before for their joint health formula also and they are very professional. 

  3. This is definitely the way to go if you have a need for this sort of product. With natural herbal products, you avoid the side effects of pharmaceuticals and this product is reasonably priced. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Joseph, Yes I would say I agree. The closest you can get to the actual plants etc. the better. As for side effects, I will stress that this does contain shellfish extract which some people maybe be allergic to but yes mostly the ingredients you have nothing to worry about and probably still a lot safer than a lot of pharmaceuticals.

  4. Alex, this is a real super article. Lots of information as I have expected. I really love it as I am totally into the naturist not artificial part. Your honesty regarding Cilexin astonished me and I deeply appreciate it.
    Thank you so much for this.


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