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Does Bullying Affect Mental Health? The Sad Truth! ?


Hello All, today’s topic is Does Bullying Affect Mental Health.   Many of us will be or have been bullied at some point in our lives.  It could be in school (in the case of children), in the workplace (more common than people think) or online ( cyberbullying). 

We might either suffer ourselves or we may know people who have been affected by it.

Bullying can happen at any age, but the most commonplace to be Bullied is in schools.  This is not just pupils either.  Teachers can also fall prey to bullies.

Myself,  I cannot think of anything much worse than being bullied.  It makes for a very miserable school, or work life for the victims.  Whether it’s a child or adult ~ both can suffer from the same kind of mental and physical health issues as a result.

You can be bullied in many ways but one kind is rumour spreading.  This is most common in the case of girls, but yes bullying can happen in a number of ways – verbally, mentally or physically, and sometimes it can be a combination of all of these at the same time.

So Does Bullying Affect Mental Health? The Sad Truth! ?

In this post what we will cover is:

  1. Short Term Effects of Being Bullied 
  2. Long Term Effects of Being bullied 
  3. Why Do People Become Bullies?
  4. How Being a Bully Can Create Long Term Issues 
  5. Getting help
  6. My Final Thoughts 

1# – Short Term Effects of Being Bullied

  1. Bedwetting is very common in children who are being bullied.
  2. Feelings of social isolation
  3. Changes in eating habits: Anorexia, bulimia or overeating
  4. Trouble Sleeping
  5. Not performing well (at school, or work for example)
  6. Not wanting to attend school, work or wherever the bullying is taking place
  7. Feeling ashamed of yourself
  8. Self-loathing
  9. At a higher risk of health problems
  10. May suffer from psychosomatic symptoms ( most commonly headaches and stomachache)
  11. Finding it difficult to make friends
  12. Suffering from issues of trust

2# – Long Term Effects of Being Bullied

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  1. Suffering from depression
  2. Suicidal thoughts, behaviour and actions
  3. Anxiety or stress disorders
  4. Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD)
  5. Bad health in general
  6. Self-harm
  7. Having trust issues
  8. Being socially awkward
  9. Relationships problems
  10. Not being able to get a job

3# – Why Do People Become Bullies

It is not okay to be a bully, but there must be reasons why this happens.  For one to really understand why this is happening in the first place.  What is happening to the bully to make them act this way?

  • Is the bully being bullied at home either by their siblings or parents?
  • Are they the popular person in school, university or work and they like to show off
  • Do they have anger issues?
  • Do they think this behaviour is normal?
  • Are they neglected and this is a way of getting attention?
  • Are they being abused themselves?
  • Are they just a **** in general 

4# – Being A Bully Can Create Long Term Issues

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The child that grows up having been the bully can go on carrying it on in adulthood.  Causing problems with relationships.  This can include being abusive to your partner or children.

They may find it difficult to find work because of anger issues or having to be in control at all times.

It could be they can have an addictive nature, to drugs or gambling.

They can also find it difficult to fit in socially.

“Bullying affects witnesses as well as targets. Witnesses are more likely to use tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs; have increased mental health problems, and miss or skip school” (StopBullying.gov). 

5# – Does Bullying Affect Mental Health – Getting Help

One of the most important things for you to do is get help.

You need to stop bottling it up and hoping it will go away.  It is not your fault.  The chances are very high that will not be the case.  If you are at school you need to speak to one of the teachers, you will not be the first pupil this has happened to and the chances are you will not be the last. The school cannot do anything if they are unaware of the situation.

Speak to your parents, they will have noticed changes in your behaviour and will know something is wrong.  Your parents can make the school aware if you don’t feel able to do it yourself.

If you feel more comfortable with your friend’s parents then tell one of them.  They can bring it to the attention of the right people.

I know from experience that you think it will make the situation worse, but please believe me when I say it will get better.

You as the sufferer and the bully themselves need this to end in order to stop long term affects from occurring.

Once Parents become aware they may find it helpful to consult with a professional social worker, counsellor, physician, or psychologist to help address the effects of bullying and to identify protective strategies, as well as being able to get advice on how to help you to deal with it.

Does Bullying Affect Mental Health?  – My Final Thoughts

Yes, this is without question.  Bullying in schools, colleges and the workplace is declining according to some studies that have been carried out. However, cyber-bullying is a new way of verbal bullying.  It still needs reporting as the police have the powers to stop it and take action.

Schools run anti-bullying campaigns and this can help in many ways. One of them making it is to bring attention to the situation.

Have you ever suffered from being bullied? Is it still happening to you?

If you have been the victim of bullying and it is having a lasting effect on you, seek medical advice from your doctor who can then refer you to the appropriate professional for your particular symptoms. Help is available.

It happened to me between the age of 12-13.  Luckily I suffered no long term effects from it.

I wish to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article.  If you have a question or a comment then please leave it below.

It’s always great to hear from you and I will always reply as soon as possible.

Do you know anyone else who would benefit from reading this, if you do then please share it?

Take great care of yourself because you are very worth it.

Stay Dynamic x 

Alex B. Chivers

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9 thoughts on “Does Bullying Affect Mental Health? The Sad Truth! ?”

  1. Hi, Lisa,

    Bullying makes me angry. It’s not something new. I remember my parents telling me they were bullied at school. We may think it’s something recent, but it’s not. The only difference is it’s getting more attention now.

    I was bullied for years at school. I got to the point that I didn’t want to go anymore. I felt miserable and lonely. I even thought of committing suicide if I’m being honest. My parents would try to help me, but nothing would change.

    I remember one time I was so fed up that I hit one of those who bullied me. I know violence is not ideal, but it helped. They did not bully me after that. I was relieved. 

    Thanks for bringing this up. We need to address the problem and do something about it.

    • Hi Enrique,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with me, I know it’s not a new thing. 

      As I said in the article it happened to me as well. I did the same as you and hit the bully back 

      and it all ended then. I also felt relieved and started to enjoy school.


  2. Hi Lisa and Enrique
    Thanks Lisa for sharing this.
    Sometimes to just stand up and show the bullies that you are fedd-up and use violence, is the best thing to make them stop.
    My Oldest son, also used to get bullied in Primary School, and it was very hard to keep him positive…until one day….
    I just had enough, and I told my son that the next time they do or say something bad, you beat the living hell out of them. (I knew and still know that using violence as an solution, is not the right way and it is wrong to teach your child to “fight”), but what do you as parent do when nothing or nobody helps?
    I was called to go see the princable, and I did that… And a Question that he could never answer, up and till today he can not answer me is: “If your child get bullied all the time and you have tried every single thing to make it stop and keep your child possitive and nothing works, what would you as a parent do?”
    The Principal turned and said that my child is the “bully”, but yet again, I have asked him another question which he could never give me an answer on: “Where do someone draw the line… When is standing up for yourself when being bullied, selfdeffence and when is being a bully, bullying? ”
    I told my son that he should NEVER EVER feel bad or guilty when he stands up against bullies, cause they will try and make you feel guilty, bad and try and make you believe that you are the bully, but you are not! “You’re NOT weak, You’re UNIQUE!”
    That was the end of the kids bullying my child at school…

    • Hi Sonia,

      I’m sorry to hear that your son was bullied. I totally agree violence is not the answer, but when all else fails what other choice do you have. Standing up to the bully made it stop for me and your son. I’m pleased it has stopped for him.
      Thank you very much for the great comments, I really appreciate it.

  3. Bullying has just changed it’s playground. As long as people look down on each other or think they are right and someone else is always wrong. there will be bullying. The best way to deal with it is by not tolerating bullying in any form. Even if you have to seek help with it and are afraid to ask for help.

  4. I have asked him another question which he could never give me an answer on: “Where do someone draw the line. Thank you very much for the great comments, I really appreciate it.


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