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What Celiac Disease is Caused By – How to Know If You Have Coeliac Disease!

What Celiac Disease is Caused By – How to Know If You Have Coeliac Disease!  Have you ever heard of it?  Do you know anyone who suffers from it?

Well, millions of people all over the world have Celiac or Coeliac disease.  Depending on how you spell it.  Many, have no idea they have it at all.  A lot of people know something is wrong but not what it is.

  • Do You Know What Coeliac Disease is?
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Gluten-free food and drink
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Please note:  This is the 2nd post published on #Di4L on this topic.

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What Celiac Disease is Caused By – How to Know If You Have Coeliac Disease!

What Celiac Disease is Caused By
Do you know what Coeliac disease is?

Coeliac Disease is an immune disorder which affects the body when it eats gluten.  Basically, your body is being poisoned.  The majority of people that consume gluten are fine but for others, it can be very unpleasant., and make them very unwell.

For these people, it means they have hypersensitivity of gluten coming into contact with their small intestine.

It is not an allergy or intolerance it just means you cannot generally eat gluten.  Gluten is a group of proteins contained in wheat and barley.

Rye can also be an issue for some with Coeliac.

People have been going Gluten-Free as a fad diet and if they eat a little gluten it is not a major issue for them. Others who are gluten intolerant can still eat a certain amount of gluten without getting ill.  However, If you have Coeliac Disease you cannot eat gluten at all.

Things like Bread, Pasta, Gravy.  Even Beer and many other things that you would not think of such as Malt Vinegar.  There are different degrees to which the person is affected.  A severe case would be someone that gets seriously ill for 5-7 days from just one single bread crumb.

That is how sensitive some people can be!

Celiac Disease Symptoms Adults and Children

There are 10 different known symptoms associated with this disease.  Not everybody gets all of them, most people get 3 or 4 after ingesting gluten.

These include;

  • 1. Projectile Vomiting.
  • 2. Severe Diarrhoea
  • 3. Stomach Cramps
  • 4. Severe Wind or Gas
  • 5.Bloating
  • 6. Constipation
  • 7. Tiredness
  • 8. Mouth Ulcers
  • 9. Anemia
  • 10. Sudden Weight Loss.


it is extremely simple to be diagnosed, a simple blood test is carried out and the results will tell you if you are gluten intolerant.  To find out if you have Coeliac disease you will have to have a biopsy taken.  Although as mentioned in the video above sometimes people can be diagnosed with conditions such as IBS by mistake.

If you believe you are Gluten intolerant or coeliac and have not been diagnosed try your best in the meantime to avoid gluten foods.

Cross-contamination is also a major issue with this disease.  For example, people at buffets, may not notice when they pick up food with the same tongs for all the dishes.  This is one of the obvious scenarios but it can happen in food production.  Especially if the factory prepares both gluten and gluten-free foods together.

Restaurants are just as bad.  It can be very difficult for some people for sure.  A supplement I would recommend is called Gluten Guardian.  This is by no means a full solution but if you are eating out I would give this a try.  It might be of some help;

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Gluten-Free Food and Drink

There are much more food and drinks available now that is Gluten Free than there was 10 years ago!

Luckily meat and vegetables are naturally Free of it.  If you go shopping it very well might take a lot longer than before.  You will need to read the labels and make sure they are Gluten-Free.  Although many supermarkets now do have a special section where you can buy these types of foods.

Gluten-free bread has come leaps and bounds.  You can make a sandwich with it now when before you couldn’t without the whole thing falling apart.

There are great deals of delicious desserts available now too!

With all of the new labelling around today, it is so much easier to see Sin Gluten or Gluten-Free.  This is a godsend.

The Gluten-free beer range has expanded a great deal as well.  I personally, prefer a cider myself but Gluten-free beer has become quite popular.  A few years ago you could only buy one variety now you have a choice of 5 or 6.


โ€œWhat Celiac Disease Is Caused By – I hope you have found this informative. If you enjoyed reading it then leave me a comment or a question below. I love hearing from you and I will reply.

if you know anyone else who would benefit from reading it, then please feel free to share it.

Sharing it will help to educate people and make it more widely known about.

Until I recently looked into this condition I had never heard of it.

please take care of yourself because you are worth it.

Alex B. Chivers

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