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Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health – What We Should Know!


Whether the air that we and our families have to breathe is safe or not is a very good question.  This is certainly something we can take for granted, and sometimes we may have things better or worse than we actually realise.

We might hear about pollution in the news but really what is really going into our lungs?  

 Any number of pollutants and germs can be found in a typical cloud of smog this should not surprise people.  

Certainly in some places, more than others but Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health – What We Should Know!

Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health?

why is clean air important for health

Where do we live and how good is our quality of fresh air?  I think this is a good place to start.  

In my homeland of the UK (in the South East of England) the air quality I would say is quite good.  Most of the year I have the window by my bed open so I am getting the air in my lungs from outside. I actually only close this window when it is really cold because one thing that I notice is how clean the air is in the morning when I wake up. 

I think this is something probably a lot of people in my area take for granted. Where I live is in a kind of semi-rural sort of place, in a town called Letchworth GC.  At the back of my apartment is a long stretch of fields and woodland.  This may or may not contribute to what I think is good air quality but I think it is most likely the case. Although, also I think it is probably because it is UK law to have vehicles fitted with catalytic converters.

Like I never realised this before till I visited Budapest earlier this year.  I ended up on the outskirts of the city – I had the stupid idea of walking back to the airport because I basically had nowhere to stay. Then where I ended up was next to this busy road.  I actually could not stop coughing because of how polluted the air was. There was literally black smoke coming out the back of lorries and it was all going right in my face.   

It really didn’t occur to me at the time but I spoke to my nephew’s Slovakian friend about this and he said that this was because people in some Eastern European countries don’t have catalytic converters on their vehicles. 

To save money no doubt but I am sure these people have to suffer the consequences.

Like I’m not the biggest environmentalist but you really do notice the difference between living in the UK and then visiting some other countries.  Although, I still think that in the UK and other better-off countries the air still might not be as fresh as we think.

Exactly, the reason I’m asking this question – Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health?

*Note: This is a guest post submitted by Sheila Olson from FitSheila.com.

Read her last article published at DynamicIdeas4Life.com [HERE]     

Some very good points she makes there about time and cost-effective healthy living but anyhow here are Fit Sheila’s 4 Tips as to Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health!

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Air Supply Clean

About the Author;

“Sheila Olson has been a personal trainer for five years. She believes the best way to achieve physical fitness and good health is to set and tackle small goals. She encourages her clients to stay positive and incorporates mindfulness and practices for reducing negative talk into her sessions.”

I have shared a link to Sheila’s website above you can read more of her work there but without further ado here are her 4 tips for keeping you and your family healthy and your home’s air supply clean.  

1. Understanding the Dangers of Air Pollution

the dangers of air pollution

Firstly, according to the EPA, Americans spend almost all of their time indoors, where the rate of pollutants can be several times higher than it is typically outdoors. [R]

Common in-home pollutants include radon, pet dander, mould, asbestos, lead, and carbon monoxide. Homes that have burning indoors, including tobacco use, wood and coal-fired appliances, and central heating are especially likely to suffer from harmful contaminants in the air.

Breathing in polluted air regularly is dangerous for all humans, particularly the young and elderly. 

Air pollution has been shown to put children at a higher risk of disease in adulthood, including heart disease and respiratory issues.  [R]

2. Air Quality and Our Children

air quality and our children

It can not be stated enough that Children are especially at risk when it comes to air contamination.   

Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health?  is a question that applies to our younger generations especially.

Mostly because their lungs are still developing and they as a result take in air in higher quantities.  Also, they tend to be a lot more active than adults.  What really makes this matter all the more important? 

For instance, respiratory issues caused by air quality may be easiest to recognize in children suffering from allergies or asthma who demonstrate their problems overtly through symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and struggles with breathing. 

A long-term cough can also indicate pulmonary issues.  [R]

So one tip here is to make a better environment for them.  This will not only benefit them but also your whole household.

3. Reduce Allergens in the Home

Simple steps can be taken to help minimize the allergens and pollutants indoors. 

For instance, using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can keep allergens from being shot back into the air.  Something that many of us might not even realise is happening, but this is one way to minimize allergens. 

Keeping mould out of the bathroom is another one.  Mould is prone to grow in the bathroom without us even realising it. 

So regularly scrubbing the shower area and cleaning the shower curtain are some ideas. 

Washing your sheets regularly in hot water is something else, and try to avoid using cleaners and detergents with added scents [R].  This is something to definitely think about.

Then rugs and carpets can be hotbeds for allergens [R], and worse still shampooing them can lead to even more mould growth.  As great as rugs and carpets might look, If possible, consider switching to hardwood, vinyl, and hardwood floors.  These are much easier to clean and can make all the difference. 

Drapes and horizontal blinds can likewise keep pollutants trapped. 

Consider switching to roll shades that pose less of a danger to respiratory health.

Using an air purifier with a quality air filter can also help reduce the risk of allergens and other viruses.  [R]

Just ensure that your air cleaner has a HEPA filter.   These are something that has been shown to minimize not only viruses but other pathogens that can lead to illness.

4. Ensure Your HVAC System Is Working

using a hvac for cleaner air

After considering Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health one thing that might spring to mind is using an AC [Air Conditioning Unit].  HVAC is the more general term which is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

So obviously, making sure that your HVAC system (if you have one) is fully functional is essential to the air quality in your home. If your HVAC system isn’t working correctly, pollutants can circulate throughout the home.

This by itself can be one thing that is making you and your family sick.

So just remember HVAC systems require repairs over years of use, as ducts, exchangers, and heat sensors can all wear out.  We may not even realise they don’t work and essentially this is why having your HVAC system serviced by a professional regularly can help ensure that the air in your home is clean. 

However, this can be costly so before hiring professionals to do your HVAC repair work, research different companies to compare prices and reviews. This may help find a local HVAC repair technician.  [Click Here]

Only hire those companies or individuals who have demonstrated credentials, verified reviews, and a history of quality service.  Just don’t leave it too late to prioritize the air quality in your home. 

Contact high-quality professionals in your area today to get your home’s air on the path to pollutant-free air. Your family’s future health and happiness may depend on it.


In Conclusion

In terms of healthy living, this might actually be something that we might not realise till we or our families actually become ill.  Just knowing Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health is important but taking action is certainly even more so.  Whether this is by following the tips above or just anything really to make sure you are breathing fresh clean air.

Going for walks in the countryside, woodlands, and by the lakeside might be good ideas to try.

You can also invest in technology to measure your air quality to find out how safe your environment is.

If you live in a city that isn’t great for its breathable air perhaps consider moving somewhere else.

Or even if that is a problem one thing to consider is better nutrition to help detox the lungs.

[Read My Related Post Here – How To Detox The Lungs]

Final Word / Your Feedback

Lastly,  I would just like to again thank Sheila Olson from FitSheila.com for today’s guest post contribution.

If you would like to guest post here at dynamicideas4life.com please feel free to contact me at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com 

Any questions, feedback or anything else please leave me a message in the comments section below.

Many thanks for reading and #StayDynamic

From your friend

Alexander B. Chivers

Contact us at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

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2 thoughts on “Why Is Clean Air Important To Our Health – What We Should Know!”

  1. Hey Alex, thanks for this great reminder. I do live in the Netherlands, and here the government is really putting the “green” thinking forth. For instance, in certain areas scooters built earlier than 2011 are not allowed. Also, the government wants to have all cars to be electric by the end of 2040. Those are just details but super important and I really see the difference between air here and maybe in eastern Europe. However, with the present global warming, there are big challenges yet awaiting. Great post

    • Thanks Julius, Don’t really know much about the situation in Holland. But sounds like it is a lot like England air quality wise. Not sure what part your governments ideas are having to contribute to this but obviously air quality is very important for peoples health. We will see what happens over the coming years I guess.


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