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What’s Inside The African Lean Belly Formula – Is This For Real?


What Is The African Lean Belly Formula? What Does It Do? Does It Really Work and can this really help you? 

If you have never heard of this – The African Lean Belly Formula is a product that has been around since 2016.  It claims to help the user ‘Lose 1lb of fat every 48 hrs’ by simply following a 10-second daily ritual with warm water.  

More so it also claims that the consumer can lose anywhere from 20 to 100 pounds of fat in just a few weeks…

If you are looking for an extra boost to help with your weight loss goals this claims to be it.  The biological off-switch to stop all your weight loss woes once and for all  BUT IS THIS FOR REAL?  

Honestly, I have my doubts.  I will get to why soon.  Some red flags here for definite.  

I mean this could be worth a go.  Not saying it isn’t, but if you are considering trying out this dietary supplement please just read this review first.  There are a few things I have to share here that you might like to know before you decide to buy.  

I’m sure you will come to some of the same conclusions as I have but just to make things clear.  

Here is my honest review of the African Lean Belly Formula.  Is This For Real or is it just another Weight Loss Scam?

FTC Disclosure:  

Please note that I will be including affiliate links within this post.  If you happen to make a purchase through one of these links I may receive a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.  Also, just to let you know I don’t actually recommend this product.  If you decide to buy it and it isn’t to your liking – I have tried to warn you.

However, if you do get favorable results be sure to reach out to me so I can share them with other readers.  

About the African Lean Belly Formula

About the African Lean Belly Formula

Product Name:  African Lean Belly
AKA African Fat Flusher Supplement

  Sharon J

Made In:  USA

Created in: 2016
Pros:  Entertaining Story

Cons:  Where Do I Start?

Rating:  2 out of 5 Stars – This me being generous!

Do I Recommend [Yes/No]:  I Do Not! ❎

Website:  https://bellyburnnow.com

What Is The African Lean Belly Formula

– Is This For Real?

African Lean Belly Formula

I don’t usually start a review with Customer Reviews.  Never usually feel the need to but this is the first thing that sticks out to me.  As truth be told I have not been able to find ANY CUSTOMER REVIEWS for the African Lean Belly Formula.

Nothing on BBB.org, Nothing on TrustPilot, Amazon, Facebook, or Google.  Although, plenty of very suspect Press Release Articles and Youtube Videos.   

All of these say African Lean Belly is the Best Weight Loss Supplement that you could ever buy!

The clickbait is unreal.  All these videos that say ‘Scam Alert’, ‘Scam Exposed’ and ‘Do Not Buy!’ yet still once you watch them they tell you that this product works, you should buy it and to “check out their affiliate link in the description”.

Honestly, I will share a link myself if you want to visit the website but I do not recommend it!

I know I could be totally wrong about this product but I would definitely recommend something else.  Not just because I want to leverage this review towards other products but because I simply DO NOT TRUST this product.  Also, because there are other products available that actually have verified reviews and more benefits.

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What Is It That I Do Not Like?

Why I Don't like African Lean Belly Formula

Now, I can not speak too much about the product itself.  I have not tried it for one but what I don’t like is how limited the information is about this product.   You click on the link and all you get is a sales video.  No website.

Plus the fact it is $69 for one bottle of 30 capsules that contains ONLY 5 ingredients that are mostly not even native to Africa! 

You have Ginger, Turmeric, Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea which are all Native to Asia. 

It is only Synetrim® CQ that is really African in origin but even THIS is a patented product made in a lab.

Which, fair enough it may be a more effective ingredient than the natural extract of the African vine Cissus Quadrangularis. I get that part but to me, to call it African Lean Belly you would expect it to be more African.  The name Asian Lean Belly I think would have been more fitting ?

It is not just this either.  There is the very farfetched Sales Video.  That not only claims to be able to help you transform your whole figure in only a few weeks but also that you can do it without any exercise or special diet. It tells this totally out-there story about Africa but doesn’t even contain any natural African ingredients lol

…and as for ownership of the actual product, the only name that is given is Sharon J.  Not even a surname.

Honestly, even if this product does work there are companies out there that are a lot more transparent, that have legitimate customer reviews and they are available for a much better price.  Not only this but African Lean Belly only offers 60-Days Money Back Guarantee (From the order date).  Something that usually makes getting a refund very difficult if you properly want to try the product out.

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What I Like About the African Lean Belly Supplement

Seriously, I do love a good story.  In this respect, African Lean Belly Does Not Fail To Deliver!

It all begins with Sharon J and her husband together in bed arguing.  As apparently, Sharon’s husband at this point feels like he is no longer attracted to his wife because of her size.  It has got so bad apparently, that in one last bid to try and save their marriage (of 33 Years) Sharon and her Husband decide to fly halfway across the world to Africa.  For a once in a lifetime trip to try and rekindle their romance.

Now, fast forward and the scene cuts to Sharon and her Husband in a rubber dinghy white water rafting on the Zambezi River.  They are not there for long before they are battling against violent tides and being thrown into the water with man-eating crocodiles and man-hungry Hippopotamuses.  

Why they are wasting this on a sales page for a weight loss supplement instead of a Hollywood Movie is totally beyond me. 

Miraculously escaping from certain peril, it cuts to a half-hour (maybe longer) segment of talking about the product itself.  I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to switch it off here but the story continues.

What Happened Next?

So, Sharon thought she was a goner.  Weighing roughly 237 pounds at 57 years old and being left to drown in the Zambezi River She thought this was it.  Her odds of survival were very slim and to make matters worse, whilst clinging on to dear life her husband (who blamed the accident on Sharon’s weight) told her their marriage was over.

Apparently, this was all whilst he was clinging on to a rock, trying not to be swept away by the high tides.

Whoever said love was dead.  Now, Sharon was not out of the woods yet.  Once again the river swept her away again.  Back underwater and further downstream and the next thing she remembers was being thrown a rope.  Which, might as well have been thrown by God himself as she was pulled into land by a group of people on the banks of the Zambezi.  

At last, Sharon had been rescued.   Yah!

What’s more, after being taken back to a nearby village Sharon was taken to a hut with a makeshift bed inside.  The place she would stay whilst she recovered from her injuries.  

Now, sorry if this is getting a bit long but whilst here Sharon was visited by an elderly man.  

He pulled out a bunch of Red Grapes and ground them down to make a strange kind of herbal tea. 

He advised Sharon to drink half now and half later.  After she slept and woke back up again.  

It Was A Miracle!

To her surprise, she not only felt much better but also as if some of her body weight had just fallen right off of her.   

Sharon asked what the name of these grapes was called.  She was given the name Namunagwa.

For the following week, she continued to drink this tea and felt slimmer every day.   In fact, weighing herself at the next opportunity when she got back to America Sharon J had lost an amazing 17lbs.  She knew it was the African Grapes but now she was back all she had left was this name.  Namunagwa!

Unfortunately, Sharon was all out, she started to pile the lbs back on but as a result, she contacted a scientist called Dr James.  He heard Sharon’s story and he was able to track down these Red Grapes. 

More importantly, after successful scientific trials, the African Lean Belly Formula was born.  Just like that!

But Should You Try African Lean Belly

african lean belly 60 day money back guarantee 100% secure order

After watching the video I must admit even I am excited by this product.  The story really does make-believe that this is something very special.  You could be forgiven for falling for every word but let’s not get sentimental here.   It doesn’t really change anything.  

  • The price is still more than other weight loss supplements. 
  • 60-Days is not long enough to try this product properly and claim back your money if it doesn’t work. 
  • The Ingredients inside may help weight loss but I am pretty certain you can find better value elsewhere.
  • For $69 you only get 30 capsules – other supplements give you 60
  • Also, the whole sales pitch is very farfetched.  Entertaining but it’s all a bit hard to believe.

So, should you try the African Lean Belly Formula?

I would say it’s up to you but be prepared to never see your $69 or more ever again.  Fair enough if the product works but if it doesn’t the chances of being refunded are slim to none. Same with any product that only offers 60-Days from the date of purchase.

The Ingredients – Just In Case Your Wondering!

African Lean Belly Ingredients Turmeric, Ginger, Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia

Ginger (50mg) and Turmeric (100mg)

Both are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects.   The African Lean Belly Formula is not the first weight loss supplement to use these ingredients and I doubt it will be the last.  These can definitely be beneficial especially for reducing inflammation which is quite often responsible for a whole plethora of health problems. 

Within African Lean Belly I understand why these are added but neither are actually African.  Also, usually for Turmeric to be absorbed into the body it is usually paired as well with either Bioperine, Piperine or Capsaicin.  None appear to be added to this recipe.  But mind you this is why supplements like this one should share their ingredients labels online.

Garcinia Cambogia (1200mg)

This is a typical weight loss ingredient.  Its inclusion is really no surprise.  Except for the fact that it is native to Asia !!

However, Garcinia Cambogia, the most abundant ingredient in this formula has many qualities that can help lose weight.  Whilst, it has not been thoroughly proven to help lose weight it is known to contain Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which has been linked to an increase in serotonin levels and better appetite control.

Green Tea Extract (200mg):

I don’t think I’ve seen many products that don’t contain Green Tea.  It is in everything.  At this point, I am not even sure I can even be bothered to write much about it at all.   Its main active component is EHCG, its packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols and the effects on peoples health who switch to drinking Green Tea are incredible.  

Its inclusion is really no surprise except for the fact IT IS NOT African!

Synetrim® CQ (150mg):

This is basically the African Red Grapes from Sharon’s Story.  The only actual African Ingredient lol  Even though Synetrim is a registered brand name.  You can’t copyright natural plants. Synetrim® CQ is a patented weight management blend.  Which, is funny actually because pretty sure in the video it says something about not using Patented products.

However, this is still a very powerful ingredient.  There are a few Cissus Quadrangularis (CQ) products on Amazon that have sold pretty well.  They are kind of similar also mixed with things like Green Tea etc.  This plant has a rich history with weight loss and it is known to help absorb dietary fat, carbs and excess blood glucose.   

Other Health Benefits of African Lean Belly

So, I don’t really recommend this product at the current time.  I feel like it would be a bit wrong of me if I did but there are a few other claims made by the mysterious, should-be movie star Sharon J.  I really hope I am not dragging this out too long here but I felt these things would at least be worthy of a mention.

So other than its apparent game-changing potential for weight loss African Lean Belly can also help with;

  • High Blood Pressure (Hyper Tension)
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Boosting Low Energy Levels
  • Lifting The Mood
  • Joint Pain and Bone Health
  • …and Lowering Blood Sugar.

How is this not more popular.  I do wonder?  Which, brings me to…

My Final Verdict

I hate to sound like a broken record but I don’t recommend The African Lean Belly Formula.  Not because It doesn’t work – it very well might but because I can not find any legitimate customer reviews anywhere.  The sales video says it has helped 27’000 get their lives back but seriously where are they?  You would think in the 5 years since this company launched they would have at least set up an official Facebook page.

Also, another product that is almost identical called African Fat Flusher has also down the rounds on sites such as Clickbank but why the 2 names?

Sales video aside I think this is the worst marketing for a product I’ve probably ever seen.  Even looking at their affiliate resources the company only share 2 pictures.  Their support is unresponsive as well and the bottom line is there are much better products that are much more reliable.

I mean BUY IT if you really want.  You will most likely enjoy the action-packed sales video but seriously NO if you are genuinely looking to lose weight check out some of my other reviews below.  There are much better options available.  

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Your Feedback

Before I go.  Have you tried either African Lean Belly Formula or African Fat Flusher?  Did any of these products help you to lose weight?  Please share your experience in the comments section it would be amazing to hear from you.

Also if you know anyone that might benefit from reading this please share.

Many thanks and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Alex B. Chivers


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  1. Wow, the amazing stories about how these ‘amazing products’ are discovered just keep getting better and better.
    Love a good story, but where is the evidence that the product works…. I think I’ll stay from this one!

    • Hi Andrew, Yes my thoughts exactly. They may as well have spent their ad budget on filming a movie or documentary. I am not saying it’s not a true story but then again so many questions. If you actually watch the video it says that Sharon J (who stumbled upon this weight loss discovery) refused to do interviews with NBC and Dateline. You would think that if you were promoting your own product and you wanted to reach the masses you would probably want the publicity lol. Also, more to my point you would think there would be some pretty keen filmmakers that would want to bring this story to life. Some that would pay her quite a lot of money – it seems odd that she would rather try her luck with a poorly marketed product like this one.


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