What are the Best Ways to Stop Snoring?

What are the Best Ways to Stop Snoring?

Hey Guys,  How are you?  Alex here and – What Are the Best Ways to Stop Snoring?

I was on Facebook earlier, and one of the groups where I am a member had somebody ask, something along the lines of “What is the best home remedy to stop snoring?”.

Honestly, I could not answer, but like many of my ideas for posts before this naturally, it made me think. What is there to learn about this topic?  To be fair, it isn’t that I don’t know anything about snoring.

Actually I myself am a quite loud snorer lol.  Especially when I drink alcohol!  I have had friends over before and if you ask them they will tell you that I am no church mouse.

quiet as a church mouse

“Maybe when I am awake, sober and around strangers, I might be,
but not when I am asleep at night, and in the presence of visitors”.
Anyway, enough about me, and church mice…

What are the Best Ways to Stop Snoring?

Best ways to stop snoring

Table of Contents

  1. Best Ways to Stop Snoring? – Overview
  2. How to Treat Snoring Problems
  3. What is the Best Home Remedy to Stop Snoring?
    How to Make Peppermint Tea
    Other Home Remedies for Snoring
  4. Snoring Caused by Underlying Health Issues
    Which Underlying Health Issues Cause Snoring?
  5. Other Treatments Available
  6. Final Thoughts / My Recommendation!
  7. Your Feedback

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Best Ways to Stop Snoring? – Overview

Firstly, not to disappoint people as I can only assume that some people have stumbled across this post looking for a solution but here is the thing.  Everybody snores – who doesn’t?  Just to elaborate this post is for people that SNORE!! !zzz LOUDLY, and actually this can be a very unhealthy problem.

It can also be very annoying in the instance if you share a bed with somebody.😠

But what is the main cause of snoring?  and can you prevent snoring?

OK, so snoring although it can be caused by underlying health issues there can be a number of other common causes.

Drinking too much alcohol (don’t I know), smoking, laying on your back! taking medication, or other drugs, old age, and being overweight can also contribute.

There are a lot of reasons (unlucky for some) that can cause people to snore a bit louder than they normally should.

To identify which is the main cause for snoring may help, but let’s look at what can be actually done to treat this hypothetically as a problematic condition.

sleep secrets best ways to stop snoring

How to Treat Snoring Problems…

Like mentioned above it is sensible first to try and establish what is responsible.

It could be because you might smoke, drink, or sleep on your back.  If you are overweight or take medication even see if changing habits resolves your issues with snoring.

If it does not then seek advice from your GP.  This could be caused by something a lot more serious.

Snoring is actually caused by restricted airways.  In the case of alcohol, for example, people snore because it relaxes throat muscles and decreases our natural defence against airway blockages.

This is the cause of dry mouth due to a thickening of mucus.

So, there is this but also as I will demonstrate below there are other ways to treat snoring problems.
Ways such as home remedies…

What is the Best Home Remedy to Stop Snoring?

peppermint tea best ways to stop snoring

If anybody comes from or has been to Morroco before a popular drink here is Peppermint Tea.  In fact, Peppermint Tea people drink in many different countries, and it is a known home remedy for breathing problems.

How to make Peppermint Tea!

1.)  Pick 7-10 fresh Mint Leaves.
2.)  Wash leaves, gently crush leaves and press lightly with a spoon.
3.)  Place the leaves in a mug.  Add more for a stronger brew.
4.)  Boil the kettle, and wait 2 minutes.
5.) Pour water in the mug and leave to brew for 7-8 minutes.
6.)  Remove the leaves, and if you wish add honey, sugar, and milk.
7.)  Drink the tea!

Other Home Remedies for Snoring

Other Home Remedies for Snoring

Peppermint is maybe the most popular remedy for snoring but there are others.

For instance, taking 2-3 spoonfuls of olive oil before bed.

This is because olive oil is a strong anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling, and clears up our airways.

Alternatively, combine one teaspoon of olive oil with honey for a similar solution.

Here are some other ideas;

*Turmeric and Ginger
~Chamomile (Daisys) and Nettles
*Clarified Butter
#Steam – from Hot Water!

Snoring Caused by Underlying Health Issues

snoring caused by underlying health issues

So, if you have given up drinking, smoking, and lost weight etc.  Stopped sleeping on your side, discontinued your medication, or whatever else, and you still can be heard snoring halfway down the street then this might be the cause of an underlying health issue.

Which Underlying Health Issues Cause Snoring?

One very worrying condition is sleep apnea.  This is where you basically forget to breathe properly when you are asleep.  This a known cause for loud snoring.

sleep apnea screenshot

Asthma and hayfever may be less serious issues, but then other breathing complications to do with your throat or nasal passage could be the likely cause as well.

The worst thing tough perhaps is the health risks associated with loud snoring.  As, some of these breathing problems can be severe, and even in some cases fatal.

I will not use this post to try and scare people, as I mostly want to look at remedies more than anything but be sure to bear this in mind if you have issues with snoring.

Other Treatments Available

If necessary you can have an operation to stop snoring.  Surgery might involve widening of the nostrils or tightening of certain muscles in the throat.

Also, certain devices are available such as for example CPAP- a constant positive airway pressure machine.  Often used to treat sleep apnea.

Oral appliances can also be used that are put inside your mouth whilst you sleep.  These work by keeping your airways open by moving your jaw and tongue.

Oh, and let’s not forget – decongestants!

Products such as Vix that can be rubbed around your chest and nose before bed.

Nasal strips can be used as well that stick to the bridge of your nose to widen nostrils.

Final Thoughts

If you have been told you are a loud snorer, or you wake up in the night with a dry mouth or throat then things in this article should be taken into consideration.

I would say to try the nasal decongestants for a couple of nights. Even some of the herbal remedies mentioned earlier in the article such as the Mint or Camomile Tea which can be made with wild plants.

Also, consider making lifestyle changes.  If you drink alcohol, smoke or take any drugs this could be a likely cause.

Plus if you are overweight try to see if losing weight helps with your snoring.  If you need any help be sure to look at some of my other posts via my homepage for lots of different ideas.

Consider also that you have the right conditions available to get a good nights sleep, and do not sleep on your side.  This may also be helpful.

Finally, consider consulting a GP if none of these ideas works, or if you believe your snoring to be because of something more serious such as sleep apnea, or restricted breathing.

My Recommendation!

I would actually say to try out my advice above but I would also like to recommend a book.

Sleep Secrets – How to Fall Asleep Fast, Beat Fatigue and Insomnia by Ronald M Bazar.

This is really up to you but if you would like to understand what goes on during sleep such as snoring this book is definitely worth taking a read.

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4 thoughts on “What are the Best Ways to Stop Snoring?”

  1. I do not snore but I have a shared a room with someone who snores LOL 😆 no lie it will be the longest night of your life ,the snore will be so loud that one can not even catch a sleep waking the person up will be a waste of time before you knew if the person will be snoring again. Thanks for sharing the remedies

  2. Are you saying by the initial picture that some people snore like a hippopotamus. That’s so funny!

    I rent a room in a house with 8 other people. There are 8 bedrooms. Now my landlady’s boyfriend, anytime he stays, snores so loudly like some sort of animal, that it’s really annoyingly annoying! He’s not exactly slimmer of the year too! He’s quite plump actually. It doesn’t even help that my landlady is a smoker herself!

    Reading through your article though, has helped me to understand why people snore as they do!

    Should i confront my landlady’s boyfriend? 

    To tell you the truth, it’s not really any of my business. I just put up with it, like everyone else in the house.

    Maybe i should suggest snoring aids to him, such as an anti snoring mouth and nose piece, a chin strap, a snoring solution or even a throat spray!

    Have you heard of the stop snoring ring or the anti snoring full head chin strap, or the snorestopper tongue or even the antisnore sleep apnea pillow. I bet the hippopotamus hasn’t.

    Sweet dreams then! 😴

    • Hello,  Glad, you enjoyed – one of my aims of this post was to make it more entertaining so glad you liked my Hippotamus analogy.  I was looking on Canva for a good picture and I thought this picture was perfect.

      About your house mate – I know it would be rude to suggest he does this or does that to stop snoring but here is an idea –  Maybe share this post to them.  You might be surprised😴


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