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How to Keep Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight – 5 Steps to Success!


How to keep Gaining muscle while losing weight? A lot of inexperienced people believe that their journey should either focus on building muscle mass or losing weight. Now, while in some rare cases this may be true, this is definitely not how your mindset ought to be.

It is doable and you can do it successfully! is how you SHOULD think!

How to Keep Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight

Actually, focusing on increasing and retaining your muscle mass will help you lose extra weight on the go. The muscle tissue is known to be more metabolic and, therefore, it burns more calories during the day than any fat stored in your body.

But how should you go about doing so?

Some believe that being in the catabolic state (when losing weight) prohibits the process of building muscle. Well, I’m here to tell you how to avoid that, and what you need to do to increase your chances of gaining extra muscle while shedding those fat layers.

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1# How To Keep Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight ~ Consume More Proteins!

How to Keep Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight

As you’re probably aware, whatever goal you’re trying to attain, the key is usually within your diet. Since you’d be losing weight, you want to focus on getting as much protein as you can within your daily calorie intake.

Protein is basically used to build and repair muscle tissue. That’s why it’s essential when you’re weight lifting.

Try to dedicate 10 to 25 percent of your calorie intake for protein consumption. This should be enough depending on your weight and strategy. Also, consume different high protein foods for maximum results. A protein shake might help as well but it’s not essential.

2#How To Keep Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight ~ The Slower, The Better!

How to Keep Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight

A common mistake that most beginners do is that they aim to lose as much weight as they can in a limited time. Aside from the health risks that such strategy poses, losing lots of weight in a short time will definitely hinder muscle growth.

Not only that, but you’d also be losing some of the muscle mass your already have.

In order to avoid that, try your best to lose weight slowly. This should help you retain your muscle mass, build even more; while getting all the health benefits of shedding those fat layers. You’ll also allow your skin more time to adapt to your new structure, eliminating any loose skin due to massive weight loss.

3# Consistent Weight Training + Cardio!

Consistent Weight Training and Cardio!

Now that you’ve taken care of your diet, let’s take a look at your daily workout routine. Ideally, you should spread your cardio strategy across multiple days.

Make it short but as consistent as you can.

Let’s say you’re doing weight lifting four times a week. Integrate 15 minutes of cardio along with every weight lifting session. If you want to go the extra mile and maximize results, workout for an extra day each week, but keep that solely for cardio;

30 to 45 minutes should do just fine!

4# How To Keep Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight ~ Patience and Rest:

Patience and rest for bodybuilders

As we mentioned earlier, patience is of the essence here. So you don’t overwhelm your body, and you’d like to gain that extra pound of muscle along the way. It takes time to achieve both at the same time, but it’s honestly the most ideal strategy to undertake.

If you’re still starting out and find that going to the gym four or five times a week is a bit too much, do less. Once you build your stamina, you can take it from there. Always listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Try to rest as much as you can on your off days. Drink a lot of water and sleep properly.

5# – What About High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

HiiT for bodybuilders

Note: HiiT is short for High-Intensity Interval training!

I’m assuming you’ve been following your plan regularly now and have built more stamina along the way. You honestly should be looking at integrating HIIT cardio within your workouts.

Since you’re doing limited cardio each day, why not go HIIT? If you don’t know what that means, imagine yourself running in the park; you sprint for 30 seconds intensely, walk slowly for 20 seconds or so, and then repeat. If you do that for ten consecutive minutes, you’ll know how tiring it can be.

HIIT cardio has proven to be quite successful in weight loss, and can turn your body into a calorie furnace throughout the whole day, not just during your workouts. But let’s focus on that in another post.

Final Words / Your Feedback:

Gaining muscle while losing weight can be a little bit tricky, but these methods above are the best to follow. Take it from me – I’m no bodybuilder but I know if you eat more protein, try not to lose weight too fast, be consistent, patient and get plenty of rest this should do your body wonders.

I hope these tips have helped you understand better how to achieve this goal!

Feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email if you have any questions. Plus as always please like + share on social media (Facebook + Twitter), and subscribe if you wish to keep up with all our latest posts.

Stay strong, stay consistent!

Best regards;

Alex B. Chivers

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