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CLE Holistic Health Alistrol Heart Health Review (2023)

Hello All,  Today we are going to be my CLE Holistic Health Alistrol Review.  Now, I’m very sure you may know someone who suffers from hypertension (high blood pressure), or you may suffer from it yourself.  It’s a very common medical condition.  Often called the silent killer, and if you are somebody looking for relief for this condition you may want to consider trying a health supplement.  

Now, that this is the Best Supplement To Lower Blood Pressure is only a matter of opinion.  What works well for one person may not work well for someone else but for this review, I have selected a product that I believe could be worth a go.

This product is called Alistrol.  It’s labelled as a heart health support supplement that can stop high blood pressure naturally.

For anyone with high blood pressure or that needs extra support for their heart health I will give you the lowdown of this product. If you have come across this product already please read this before you buy.

CLE Holistic Health Alistrol Heart Health Review 2021

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best supplement to lower blood pressure

1# – What is Alistrol and Who Is it Made By?

If you have heard of Alistrol prior to reading this you may know already. This is a Heart Health Support (dietary supplement) and you can visit their website here: cleholistichealth.com.

Now as you may have guessed from the web address and the title for this post this supplement Alistrol is made by CLE Holistic Health.

This company based in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada prides itself on being one of the leading health supplement distributors in the country. All of their products have received an 8-digit NPN – which is the Canadian Govt.s stamp of approval for any health products made in Canada.

Anyway, What Is Alistrol?

All-Natural CLE Holistic Health Alistrol includes a combination of;

  • Hawthorn Berry Extract,
  • Tier 1 Daikon Seed Extract,
  • Garlic Seed Extract, and
  • Pure Holly Leaf Extract.

Note: If you have Tinnitus – I’m not saying this product will help but these right here are the typical ingredients you will find inside. I have reviewed 2 products now for T, and both contain Hawthorne Berry, Holly Leaf, and Garlic Extract.

2# – CLE Holistic Health Alistrol Customer Reviews

Customer 1 :

I have taken Alistrol for 5 years to keep my blood pressure down and it has worked. I have not had to go on medication from the doctor. No side effects so I can thoroughly recommend this supplement. Initially, I was scared of buying on the Internet but can happily say this product does actually lower your blood pressure readings.

Customer 2:

Alistrol is a superb product. I am asthmatic, and so couldn’t use Beta Blockers for my high blood pressure, and the other tablets the doctor gave me caused unwanted side effects. However, taking Alistrol has brought my blood pressure down by 20 points to a level which my Doctor is happy with, and these cause no side effects whatsoever. It really has been a blessing for me. Many thanks for a truly wonderful product.

3# – The Good & the Bad ??

i.) The Good

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Ingredients Are Grown By the Company
  • Clinically Tested
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • No Side Effects
  • Ships World Wide
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

ii.) The Bad

Con #1 – Only Available Online
Con #2 – May Take 2-4 Weeks to Work
Con #3 – You may Need More Than 1 Bottle
Con 4# – High Recommended Daily Dosage

Alistirol Heart Health Support

4# – Alistrol Heart Health Support Benefits

  • The Herbal product has been developed to help people with High Blood Pressure, to bring the pressure under control naturally.
  • Reduces high blood pressure and maintains healthy blood pressure levels helps to promote a younger, healthier, and stronger heart muscle. 
  • Strengthen arteries, improve vascular circulation and blood flow to the heart improve oxygen flow to the heart muscle and arteries.  Reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. 
  • Safe to use with other medications, with no known adverse effects

5# – Who is Alistrol Heart Health Support For?

Alistrol Heart Health Support is suitable for anyone suffering from Hypertension (High Blood Pressure). It may also be able to treat Tinnitus. To be fair I only base this assumption on the ingredients and what is inside your typical tinnitus supplement. I do know though that tinnitus can sometimes be caused by high BP and this is how I think Alistrol may be able to help.

6# – Alistirol Ingredients

alistirol ingredients
Inside CLE Holistic Alistirol inside you will find a proprietary blend of 3000 mg of the following ingredients:
i.) Hawthorn Berry Extract: This is used to help protect against heart disease as well as to control high blood pressure. Both Animal and Human studies have shown that hawthorn increases coronary artery blood flow. Makes circulation better and lowers blood pressure. 
ii.) Tier 1 Daikon Seed Extract: The seeds taken from the Daikon Radish have been used for hundreds of years to cleanse the blood and promote optimal blood circulation.
iii.) Garlic Seed Extract: Garlic has been used in supplements for many years because of its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure. It is added as it is known to work in a similar way to anti-hypertensive medications. 
iv.) Holly Leaf Extract Blend: Can lower Blood Pressure in people whose Blood Pressure is mild to moderate.

My Final Opinion of Alistrol Heart Health Support

So, I know I’ve made a very bold statement here. Saying Alistirol is the Best Supplement To Lower Blood Pressure. This is just my opinion. It may change but for the time being I would say this is a product I highly recommend. The company CLE Holistic Health have had a lot of good press about them.

They have even been featured in magazines such as Natural Health and Alive.

So, inside Alistirol contains a blend of natural extracts that work together to lower high blood pressure naturally. 

It’s made using only the highest quality ingredients and has been approved by doctors.
Alistrol was used in a clinical study and it was found to not only lower high blood pressure but also help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
This high blood pressure medicine also strengthens arteries, improves vascular circulation, increases oxygen flow to the heart, and promotes healthier, heart muscles.
This medicine is safe to take every day on an empty stomach and should be used 3 times a day for 2 – 4 weeks for the best results. Although for this reason, it is advised you purchase as a pack of 3 or 5.
If you would like to buy Alistrol CHECK OUT THIS LINK HERE<<

My VerdictAlistrol Heart Health Support At A Glance…

Product Name: Alistirol Heart Health Support
Manufacturers: CLE Holistic Health
Price: $69.95
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Note: 9 out of 10 people who use this re order it again and again.

Description: High Quality Heart Health and Blood Pressure Support Dietary Supplement.


>> Visit the Website HERE to find out more!<<



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