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Home Remedies To Stop Snoring – How To Get Some Peace At Last


Hello All,  So personal question.  “Do you share a bed or a bedroom with someone?”  Apologies for asking – I know this is none of my business but if you do then I have another question.  Are You Kept Awake by someone such as your roommate or partner Snoring?  If so you might find this helpful My 5 Home Remedies To Stop Snoring!  zzz ?

Now, I actually wrote another post very similar to this last year – The Best Ways to Stop Snoring?

You may find this is pretty much the same post but I will try my best to add something a bit more different here.  I wanted to write something new here so hopefully, this what you will get.

Now, if you read my old post you may know that I myself (or rather other people) have troubles with my snoring.  It is mostly OK as I live alone but it has ?% been a problem in the past.  I would expect in the future it will be the same as well at some point.  So, the content shared in this post maybe I should try and take some pointers myself.

But enough about me.  How about you?

The trouble with snoring is that at the very least it can disturb the sleep of others.  Of course, this might be avoidable but in more extreme cases it might not be.  If you have to share a bed with somebody for instance that is regularly disrupting the quality of your sleep this is definitely not healthy.

In fact, if you are the person snoring you may want to find a solution.  Not just for the sake of others but because this could be happening due to your own health problems.

One reason that might want to take a good read of today’s post.

 Home Remedies To Stop Snoring
– How, To Finally Get Some Peace and Quiet

home remedies for snoring

What Makes A Person Snore zzz ?

Everybody snores for the best part.  If someone doesn’t then you should probably phone an ambulance but then there is snoring and SNORING.  Take me out or my cousin for the night drinking and listen to either of us after we have fallen asleep.  We went away last year and each made a video of what we both sounded like snoring.

My cousin made a video first because he thought I was loud.  The next night though as I stayed up later I made a video to show him he wasn’t so perfect himself.  I wasn’t anywhere near as loud as he was lol.  Then again according to him, he was deprived of sleep from the night before so maybe because of that, he slept a lot louder than usual.

All I will say is this is.  Once you understand why we snore and what makes it sound louder it begins to make a lot more sense.

At the point when you drift off and progress from lightly sleeping to ‘a deep sleep’, the muscles in the top of your mouth (soft palate), tongue and throat start to loosen. The tissues in your throat can at this point start to relax enough that they mostly block your airways and vibrate.

The more limited your airways become, the more intense your breathing becomes. This expands tissue vibration, which as a result turns snoring into (loud) SNORING!!

In I and my cousin’s case because we both drunk alcohol on those 2 nights.  This was most definitely the cause because alcohol causes mucus to thicken and can cause airways to become restricted.  Although, in any case, there are many factors that can cause this blockage and the ensuing loud noises.


Reasons Why Our Airways Can Become Blocked When We Sleep

1# Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol causes snoring

As mentioned above alcohol can definitely be the main culprit behind loud snoring.  This is because alcohol as a depressant makes the muscles in the throat (especially the epiglottis) relax which makes the body more vulnerable to obstructed airways.  From this, the air entry in the throat can contract as the muscles entrusted with keeping those entries clear become loose. To fulfill the requirement for oxygen, the body remunerates by more strongly breathing in air.

As the air ignores the delicate esophageal skin, it vibrates, causing trademark loud snoring sounds.

Also, The impacts are exacerbated further by liquor’s general effect on sleeping. The body requires REM sleep, to completely recuperate.  Alcohol as a solution for sleep trouble is anything but a smart thought. While it welcomes sluggishness, it defers the progress from pre-REM rest to REM rest.

2# Heart and Breathing Problems

If you know somebody such as your sexual partner or roommate that has a problem with snoring, (and it definitely is not because of alcohol) then this could be because of heart or breathing problems.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is one example.

This is a condition found amongst many long-term smokers that causes the airways in the lungs to narrow.  Once diagnosed sufferers may need to sleep with an oxygen tank.

Heart disease and blocked arteries can be another cause so it is always recommended to book a doctor’s appointment if your snoring is like a stampede of elephants.  It may very well be a sign of something more serious.

3# – Allergies and Illness

In a lot of cases, Loud snoring can also be seasonal.  As snoring is caused by blocked airways another prime reason can be things like Hayfever.  Any kind of allergy that blocks up your nose for that matter can be responsible.  The same can be said about colds and flu.  If any illness causes a blockage of your airways then this can be a major factor in why you are snoring.

Bronchitis is another one.  This is a common lung infection that will most certainly put your immune response into overdrive.  Causing you to become all bunged up and snoring like there is no tomorrow.

4# – Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

This is quite a worrying condition.  It is not the only one where loud snoring is concerned.  Neither is it the only one where loud snoring could represent a serious health risk.  The symptoms are quite vast and other than making enough noise to wake up the whole town here is what else you should be looking out for if you know someone that snores very loud.

  1. Periods When They Stop Breathing
  2. Them Constantly Waking Up Because They Can Not Breath
  3. Stopping and Starting Spells of Snoring
  4. Regular Tiredness During The Day

Snoring is the most noticeable symptom but if you stop any others make them see a doctor.  OSA is a condition where somebody can not breathe properly during sleep so getting help could be the difference between life and death.

See this video for more information.

Home Remedies To Stop Snoring

Snoring for a lot of people is not always caused by some scary reason.  However, it is always sensible in any case to get it checked out.  Sleep Apnea, for instance, I mentioned above in most cases goes undiagnosed.

Of course, if you visit a doctor and it is something serious they will in most cases let you know.  They may very well ask certain questions and it is these things first you might want to consider to get your snoring under control.

So, there is smoking.  If you smoke try to pack it in.  Then there is drinking alcohol.  Either stop or if you can’t just try to stop drinking a bit earlier than usual.  At least 1-2 hours before bed.  Otherwise, another thing a doctor might suggest is that if you are overweight you try to lose a few lbs.  Oh, and finally if you sleep on your back try sleeping on your side.

Try these things but they don’t help is some more ideas.

1# – Peppermint or Eucalyptus Oil

peppermint oil to stop loud snoring

Everyone probably knows that peppermint can help give you a fresher breath but did you know this can also help stop loud snoring?  This is because peppermint helps to expand and clear your airways.  A common issue that is usually quite often the reason why people snore.

Now the trick here is to add a drop of Peppermint oil to water and to swish around your mouth before bed.  Do not swallow and continue every night until snoring is under control.

You can also try and do the same with eucalyptus oil.  The reason being that both oils are types of anti-inflammatories that help reduce inflammation to the throat and nasal passage.

This is a great method that can be used if you have an allergy, a cold or you sleep in a dry air environment.

Note:  Before I continue I would just like to share the source of some of this information I have used for this article;
How to Stop Snoring | Top 10 Home Remedies

2# Steam

Another idea to try to stop loud snoring is with steam.  By breathing in steam (from hot water) can be very helpful for decongestion and unblocking your nasal passage.  To try this at home;

i.)  fill a bowl of boiling hot water.  Be cautious about how you do this.  The last thing you want is to burn yourself as well.  Maybe if you are tall enough try to do this over a boiling pot on the stove or if it is practical to use a kettle do that.  Even maybe use a power shower to fill up the booth with steam – it may be overdoing it but the key is to inhale water vapor.

ii.)  Use essential oils such as Peppermint, Tea Tree, or Eucalyptus.  3 or 4 drops should be plenty.

iii.)  Inhale the steam and day this daily until you have removed the nasal blockage.

3# – Cardomom

If you have never heard of Cardamom this is a spice native to Indonesia and India.  You can buy these as either light green or as the larger dark brown variety.  They work as both a nasal decongestant and expectorant and can help as a remedy for loud snoring.

To try this method for yourself add half a teaspoon to a glass of hot water and drink half-hour before you go to bed.

4# – Chamomile

chamomile tea to stop snoring

This is another good home remedy to try.  Drinking a cup of Chamomile Tea before you turn in for the night.  In fact, this is an idea that comes up quite a lot when it comes to silencing loud snoring.  You could call this an old wives tale but chamomile is a strong anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.

It is very good because it both helps to relax muscles and nerves in the throat.  As well as this it is fairly easy to prepare with all you really need either a few flowers or even the tea bags you can buy.

  • To prepare with flowers (daisies) add 3 or 4 to a cup and add boiling water.
  • Leave to brew for 15-20 minutes and then drink.
  • You can also reheat if you wish in a pan and another tip add honey

5# – Stinging Nettle and Honey Tea

nettle tea to stop loud snoring

Another type of tea you can make from common wild plants.  Some people might think this is a strange choice but yes stinging nettles. Naturally, these contain anti-histamines so if your snoring is caused by an allergy then this can definitely help.  If you don’t mind getting stung (which actually can help allergies as well) you can make stinging nettle tea by following the steps above.

As for honey this actually on its own can help with snoring.  This is because honey itself has a few different benefits.  It soothes the throat, lubricates the throat to stop vibrations that cause snoring and it is also an anti-inflammatory.

In Conclusion – Try This Instead

Finally,  one last option.  As much as I admire anybody willing to try out the natural solutions listed above there is something else.   For anybody actually, willing to put their hand in their pocket to subdue their troublesome snoring with the help of technology – look no further.  I think I may have just the thing.

If you have not heard of medical-grade anti-snoring mouthguards before then you may be interested.

This one I am going to share below is by a company called Vital Sleep and you can find out more by watching this short one minute video about how this product works;

Further to this, you can also visit the Vital Sleep website by clicking the following link below

>>>Find Out More About Vital Sleep Anti Snoring Mouth Pieces HERE<<<


One last thing before I go.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything shared in today’s post please leave me a comment in the comments section below.  And if you know anyone that would benefit from reading about my home remedies to stop snoring please use the share buttons to help get this content out to others.

Many thanks and kind regards;

Alex B Chivers

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4 thoughts on “Home Remedies To Stop Snoring – How To Get Some Peace At Last”

  1. Hello Alex.
    Good remedies to stop snoring here and information. Peppermint and Chamomile tea are well worth a try and inexpensive. I was stuck for a place to stay once and had to share with a guy in a homeless shelter. It was terrible he would snore all night and we had to be up by 8 am and no daytime naps. I was going around like a zombie all the time no wonder his wife kicked him out :).

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for commenting. Yes, both mint tea and chamomile tea bags are very cheap. I pay around 75p (GBP) for a box and yes definitely they are one idea. About your story at the homeless shelter lol it does make you wonder. I know snoring can be very bad for some people especially if they are not getting good quality sleep.


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