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Summary:  Gluten Guardian is a Gluten Digestive Enzymes Supplement that contains the DPP-IV Enzyme. Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP4) or (CD26) is said to be the only enzyme capable of breaking down Gluten. What’s more Gluten Guardian contains a further seven plant-based proteolytic enzymes including four that break down starches and sugars.

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Gluten Guardian: DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement – Gluten Digestive Enzymes

Gluten Guardian: DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement - Main Image

For many people, Gluten is something whether they choose to consume it, or not, a group of proteins found in a wide variety of different foods. It is abundant in many things including carbohydrates such as pasta but unfortunately for some with auto-immune diseases such as Celiac and Lupus, it can sadly be very dangerous, and even lethal.

This is why there is such a big market for gluten-free foods because for some people this is all they can really eat. Even these people though who gluten can make very ill can still come into contact with this substance. Which usually in small doses at times is unavoidable. The truth is that gluten is everywhere, one example being places like restaurants and dining establishments where in most cases they do not separate gluten from non-gluten.

So what Gluten Guardian does is breaks down Gluten proteins into amino acids by using gluten digesting enzymes. As, well as this the other thing about Gluten Guardian is it can increase the number of amino acids that are created from breaking down proteins which can also aid in digestive health, muscle growth, and weight loss.

What is a DPP-IV Digestive Enzymes Supplement

DPP-IV digestive enzymes supplements are a specially designed treatment containing the highly potent peptidase DPP-IV enzyme. Shown in clinical studies to help break down gluten. DPP4 is a ubiquitous, membrane-bound enzyme that has roles in nutrition, metabolism, the immune and endocrine systems.

By no means is Gluten Guardian the only type of product that includes the DPP-IV enzyme supplement, but for its special blend with other enzymes including Amylase(3 types), and AstraZyme it claims to be one of the most revolutionary products out there. This by no means I would like to mention is my own view. Personally, I don’t know, but I would say what is said is certainly convincing.

For anybody, though that is interested in researching other DPP4 gluten products see the following list.

  1. Natures Best Digestizyme® – Natural Support
  2. Enzymedica Gluten Ease with DPP-IV Activity
  3. Gluten Relief Premium Digestive Formula
  4. Kirkman Enzym-Complete/DPP-IV II, with Isogest

What’s Inside: Gluten Guardian: DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement Ingredients

Gluten Guardfian DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement label

Above is a glimpse of what is on the bottle of gluten guardian. The full ingredients can be found enlarged in the next image. They include as mentioned already Peptidase DPP-IV, Amylase, and AstraZyme. As well as Protease (4 Types). Glucoamylase, Bacterial Amylase, and Trace Minerals.

Gluten Guardian DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement Ingredients label

Main Health Benefits of Gluten Guardian: DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement

To begin with to understand the health benefits of a product such as Gluten Guardian then it’s important to understand what the actual dangers of gluten are. Dr. Alessio Fasano of Harvard says that;

“No one can fully digest gluten. This makes it toxic to everyone. And sadly, gluten is everywhere—hidden in many normal ingredients, spices, and contaminated restaurant foods. It’s unavoidable”.

Worse still Gluten has been linked to a wide array of auto-immune diseases including Celiac, Lupus, Alzheimer s and Type-1 Diabetes. Plus many more which collectively are said to be the 3rd biggest cause of deaths worldwide, behind only Cancer and Heart Disease. With studies showing how consumption of wheat and other gluten-rich grains are responsible for chronic inflammation and increased intestinal permeability which initiates a pro-inflammatory immune response.

The health benefits of remedying these problems are clear to see. Not only has Gluten been linked with over 55 different diseases but by tackling Intestinal permeability, also known as ‘leaky gut’ and the release of the hormone zonulin you are essentially preventing further issues that can affect the whole body.

See image;

Health Risks of Gluten and Leaky Gut

Also other benefits of Gluten guardian.  Health and Non-Health related.  For one, you do not have to avoid gluten foods anymore.  It’s ideal for dining out whether you choose to eat gluten or not as if you do come in to contact with it this is something this product will take care of.  It is specifically designed to take care of digestive health issues directly related to both casein and gluten and supports the absorption of foods from proteins into amino acids. Acting as a powerful relief from fatigue, post-meal gas, bloating, and indigestion.

What Others Are Saying: Gluten Guardian Review

So just looking at the Gluten Guardian webpage there aren’t many reviews, and one of them is again from Paul Chek who also has a review on the MassZymes webpage also.  The others you can see here;

Gluten Guardian Reviews

So all positive above and I would say biased, as these are from the BiOptimizers website but here is the thing – these aren’t the only reviews online.  If anybody is asking the question ‘is Gluten Guardian a scam, or not?‘ there are honest reviews on Amazon.  This is where I got my rating from for 4.7 out of 5 Stars.  As you can buy it here instead.

The only thing I will say I would advise that if you are considering making a purchase you should do so from the Gluten Guardian website as it offers a *1 Year Warranty.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Gluten Guardian Pros and Cons

Gluten Guardian Pros and Cons





In Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Another BiOptimizers product review and still a few more I’m planning to do.  What struck me about this one is its similarities with the MassZymes protein digestive enzymes product.  If you look at both labels they don’t contain all the same ingredients but definitely the main ones.  The big difference I think being is the DPP-IV and there being fewer ingredients in this one.  I’m pretty sure this is for a good reason but anyway.

So I knew that gluten could be dangerous to people.  I think most people know this, but never did I realize how toxic it could be and to what extent.  With this in mind, I think a product like this if you have the money could be hugely beneficial if it means that you can have more choice about what you can eat, and be healthier because of this.

Whether this is the best product for Gluten Digestion or not I would not be able to say.  Although what the website claims is that Gluten Guardian is ‘The Most Powerful Gluten Fighter on the Planet’ and through it’s the inclusion of AstraZyme alone you can get 95% Complete protein digestion, 41% Increase in absorption of peptides, 31% Faster absorption of peptides, and 60% Increase in absorption of amino acids.  A lot of big claims but this is for people to try and find out.

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8 thoughts on “DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement Review 2020 – Gluten Guardian”

  1. Gluten Guardian seems perfect for me. I had a colon resection, and one thing my body can’t do anymore is break down gluten. Which means constipation plays a very large role in my life. Since my colon is shorter, there is less travel time. So things which contain gluten get stuck. Thanks for the review, I will be purchasing it right away. 

    • Excellent.  I am glad to help.  Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.  Best regards;  Alex

  2. Thank you for this article! The review is concise and well-detailed. You even included all the benefits, compositions, the supplemental values of the product, clinical studies, other reviews and why gluten is dangerous. This article made me very interested in the product and other similar products. If it means I can have more choices on what I eat, and still be healthier, this is certainly an appealing option.

  3. This looks like a great option for anyone who may be trying to avoid gluten in an almost unavoidable world of it. Not only that, but it seems it can reduce the effects of gluten for those who knowingly and regularly eat it too. I hadn’t known that it was linked to so many different problems, so it was good to read this and become more aware. Thanks so much for providing this solution!

  4. Alex, nice review. My wife is gluten intolerant so the gluten guardian supplement is something to check out. I see that the supplements contain no fillers, GMO, preservatives etc which is good to know. My wife is always finding difficulty finding gluten free products and when she does they are often a lot more expensive than the gluten versions and not as tasty! So gluten guardian supplements could well be the way to go!

    • Hi James,  Yes I think so.  There seems to be a big difference between Gluten Guardian and other products on the market I think because it contains other enzymes to break down other proteins with such as AstraZyme and Amylase.  Also, there is a year warranty – if you try and find it isn’t for you then you can send the remaining caps back in the bottle for a refund.  As far as I can gather this is only voided if you buy more than one and you open more than one bottle.


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