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How to Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Hi Folks, Recently I was reading a post about How to Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence from another member of an online community I’m a member of called Wealthy Affiliate.

At the time I was writing something else. A post about How to Boost the Immune System.  It actually really gave me a lot to think about and I thought would a perfect idea for a post.

I decided on this as a category on Dynamic Ideas 4 Life that I created in the week was Self Improvement and Wellness. Definitely a part of my vision. How to build self-esteem and confidence? So with this in mind here is my post.

How to Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence

How to Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction;
  2. Ways to Boost Self Esteem and Confidence
    1. Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous
    2. Investing in You
    3. Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life
    4. Self Appreciation and Body Language
  3. Final Thoughts / Your Feedback


Being confident personally, I wouldn’t say it is one of my strengths. I shall not bore all my readers with the details, but put it this way I’ve never been much of a hit with the ladies πŸ˜• and before I started working for myself I am pretty certain I had 0 successful job interviews.

It is comical to me more than anything. The story of my life but it is actually something I’ve come to accept over the years. I am just not a very confident person, and being drunk does not count.

Anyway, what do I know about how to boost self-esteem and confidence? Enough I would say to write this article. I will be referencing the other post I read on WA, and with a few of my own ideas let’s get this show on the road.

Ways to Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence

1.) Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous

First things first make sure that you are fully prepared to face the world. Wake up have a cup of tea, or coffee and some breakfast. Take a shower, wash your face, and brush your teeth. Then get yourself dressed. When you do though think about what you are going to wear. You can throw on any old clothes you got for sure but why not put a little bit extra effort in.

It’s true that there will be times when there isn’t much point dressing up smart but here is an interesting idea to do it anyway. Put the effort in to make yourself look good. Looking good is feeling good, and the better you look the better you feel.

2.) Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence by Investing in You 🀟

Carrying on from the last section. What better way to build self-esteem and confidence than taking care of your appearance. This goes without saying but what goes hand in hand with this is investing in yourself. Whatever sex you are, whatever your thing is. Pay for a hair cut, get your nails done. If it makes you feel better about yourself than this is an investment. Buying new clothes is an investment. The term I believe is called retail therapy but it goes much further.

Going to the gym, and keeping fit. Having beauty treatments. Eating a healthy diet full of vitamins and nutrients. If these things show a result for you and make you feel more positive they are a self-investment.

Investing in You

3.) Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

Another way how to improve self-esteem and confidence is by making positive affirmations. What these are is the concept of telling yourself positive things like; I am happy, I am beautiful, I am loved, I am the best, I am a good person.

Any kind of positive phrase you can say to yourself to make yourself feel good. It’s very much like the part about the clothes and investing in your self if you feel good it will build your self-esteem and confidence.

One way to practice this is with Transcendental Meditation where you repeat a mantra whilst you are meditating. A mantra is a phrase that you repeat again and again to yourself for prolonged periods. It can be done without meditating but it makes this type of meditation (transcendental) at least a whole lot easier to do.

Another thing similar is visualization. Where you picture yourself as successful, or happy. In a good place where you imagine is actually real. The interesting this that your brain will actually simulate so it will actually make you feel the same as if this was actually to happen. Imagine yourself doing well, and if you do it for long enough see what happens.

Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

4.) Self Appreciation and Body Language

Learning how to interact with positive body language to increase self-esteem and confidence can work by inciting a positive reaction from the person you are talking to. Both your body language and communication skills are vital to how you sell yourself to people. The more you do the more it will improve self-esteem and confidence.

As for self-appreciation never put yourself down. You might be in the wrong made a mistake but move on. Be optimistic. If you have a job interview and you don’t get the job take it on the chin. Dust yourself off and try again. Think about everything you did right. Be positive. Like yourself and people will like you.

The key to building self-esteem and confidence may not seem as straight forward as some like to believe but follow these ideas above and see how these can help you.

Self Appreciation and Body Language - Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Final Thoughts

How to Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence. My advice before you go to bed get a set of clothes and a towel ready for the next day. Then before you go to sleep, in summary, try to think about your whole day. The things you did.  The dream you woke up from, the music you listened to the TV shows you watched, the stuff you read and everything you can remember. Go to sleep and think about how much you’ve experienced and how much you will experience.

The next day jump in the shower, sing a song and have a laugh to yourself. Get dressed, get ready and get yourself out there. Don’t worry about talking to people. In fact, you should be happy, be confident, and take the rest of your day in your stride. Just be yourself most importantly and take confidence in knowing that there are a time and place for everything, and if you let it be then this is all yours for the taking.

~~Recommeded Reading: β€˜Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins~~<

Your Feedback

Once again hope you have enjoyed this article.  Let me know if you have any questions, ideas or thoughts – take your time to leave a comment down below.

As always please Like and Share, and Subscribe, and hope to see you back again soon.

Best wishes and Stay Dynamic x

Peace Out!

Alex B. Chivers

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