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Free Ebooks for Effective Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Hi Folks,  On this page, you will find my selection of Free Ebooks for Effective Weight Loss and Healthy Living.  This is an idea that came to me in a dream a few nights ago.  I was thinking about what direction to take this website in and I thought this would be a perfect idea.  To get visitors to my website by giving away free EBooks.  

So, with this in mind here is a compilation of all the free EBooks, which I currently have to give away.  If any of these interest you just click on the red download button below the ebook you want.  

You will be directed then to my optin form, and once you sign up you will be emailed with your file to download.  

Also, this page will be continuously updated whenever I have any other new books to give away.  

Leptin Resistance – Leptin Diet with Recipes by Flora Jennings

A special set of recipes are specifically chosen to help detox the body.  More so to reverse Leptin Resistance.  This if you’ve never heard of it before is a common health condition.  It is to do with receptors in our brain, and it affects the way our body responds to the ‘Leptin’ hormone

The group of hormones that control appetite, and when we feel like eating.  

To find out more check out my article about the Leptitox supplement.  Here I explain everything in a lot more detail.  How toxic chemicals are responsible for this condition, and how you can combat this condition, with the right nutrients added to your diet.  To do so there are 2 different ways 1# – supplements such as the one mentioned above or #2 – a carefully planned diet. 

Such as what you will find inside this book.  

To get this now – hit the download button below…

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11 Super Herbs and Spices to Lower Blood Sugar by Eric Whitfield and Amanda Feerson

Next on my list is a cool informational guide about different herbs and spices.  If you are someone that needs to purposely lower blood sugar this can definitely help.  For conditions such as type 2 diabetes etc. then this guide might just be for you.  Over 50 pages that can help you understand your condition better, and also develop a diet more fitting to your needs.  If you would like to download – look no further…

download leptin resistance ebook

Thinking Thin – The Rule Breaker Diet 
by John Barban

thinking thin ebook

Here is a good one.  This EBook is actually 1/4 of John Barban’s Rule Breaker Diet.  Basically the first 1.5 weeks of his 6- week weight loss training and healthy living course.  This will help you identify everything you need to know, to help you to start effortlessly losing weight.  

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for emails from John and his business partner Brad Pilon.  Once signed up you will not only receive this free book but also a very helpful series of emails with tons of cool ideas and tips.

To get this ebook, and sign up for this email series click the download button below.

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Flat Belly Tea Detox – A Soothing & Calming Sip of Natural Tea To Lose lbs by Ciara Marks

This ebook is another one I bought to giveaway to all my email subscribers.  It’s essentially a set of different natural tea recipes.  You may have heard of Peppermint and Chamomile Teas, but for anyone in the know, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you are looking to lose weight in 2021 check out this guide to see if any of these recipes can work for you.

download leptin resistance ebook

#5 Deliciously Easy Keto Recipes
by Rachel Roberts

Many people have likely heard of the keto diet.  It is a diet where you drastically cut out the carbohydrates from what you eat.  Instead, these are replaced with other foods high in fat and rich in protein.  The result is our body switches from burning glucose (from carbohydrates) to ketones.  Hence the name keto.  

Many positive things can be said about the keto diet for those that have struggled in the past to lose weight.  Several companies exist now looking to capitalise on this rapidly growing industry.  One such is the Custom Keto Diet also by Rachel Roberts.  This guide above though is totally free and can be downloaded using the link below;

Click download to find out more about keto, with some cool recipes ideas to try – absolutely free

download leptin resistance ebook

Bioptimizers – The Enzymatic Edge + The Bioptimization Blueprint by Wade Lightheart

If you are into bodybuilding, weight training, or anyone that consumes high amounts of proteins look no further.  Here is how you can totally transform your protein intake.  Instead of piling up on steaks and shakes hoping you will get bigger faster with no results try this. 

The hidden secret to protein digestion and amino absorption is finally here. 

Then for this second free book ‘the 3 steps for becoming a biologically optimized human being’. Find out how you can get the optimum best out of your digestion and energy levels!

Hit download below and Sign Up to get both EBooks 100% free!

download leptin resistance ebook

7# – Eat Stop Eat – The Zen of Nutrition
by Brad Pillon

If you have heard of the Eat Stop Eat diet program this is basically a taster for what you will get inside.  12 pages on what to expect from Brad and how to develop the right mindset before you begin any kind of diet. 

This free book is a cool kind of starter guide for anyone that is looking to start a diet.  Whether it is for keto, paleo, carb pairing or whatever.  Follow these steps inside this guide to help you get the best start possible.

Download Brad Pilon’s Free EBook the Zen of Good Health by clicking the button below;

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